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Royal Caribbean
Icon Day

How does the largest cruise ship in the history of the world set sail into the public imagination? By going BIG and telling the story of the five-year innovation journey that Royal Caribbean undertook to make Icon of the Seas a reality.

Royal Caribbean Headquarters, Miami
Announcing the Sale of Tickets for Icon of the Seas
One Day Only
Travel Media & Influencers

Years of Innovation History

Tons (Weight of Icon)

Dimensional Projection Experience

Ice Cream Backpack

We brought press and travel influencers from around the world to Royal’s headquarters in Miami for a one-day special event.

We remade their offices, labs and studios into an immersive journey that shared the story of not only how Icon was made, but of how Royal Caribbean innovates in everything they do – from sustainable energy, to boarding procedures, to water slides, to the smallest knob on an ice-cream dispenser.

Guests could see, hear, taste and feel how Royal’s teams constantly collaborate to deliver the greatest vacations in the world – with Icon of the Seas shining as a pinnacle of 50 years of innovation.

The result was widespread coverage in travel and lifestyle media, with publications like Travel & Leisure calling Icon of the Seas “the end all, be all of family fun.”

Do you Feel it?

Do you Feel it?

426 West 14th Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

426 West 14th Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

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