Endorphin exists to build spaces, places and experiences that make the world more enjoyable, interesting, and fun - for consumers, clients, and ourselves.
We’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. We consider it our craft - which we constantly refine with creativity, thoughtfulness and intensity.

Our Process



Our experiential strategy work begins by asking two questions : 1) Who is your audience? 2) What do you want them to know, do and feel?



For projects large and small, we craft detailed guest journeys that engage your audience to deliver your message through physical space.



Our team of designers, builders, architects and technicians develops plans and drawings that bring experiences to life with both impact and efficiency.



We meticulously plan and implement every step of project delivery so that the final result reflects the vision and operates seamlessly.


Endorphin’s 20,000 square-foot facility is located just across the river in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Here, we house a wide array of our clients’ assets in a climate-controlled, secure environment - and provide full shipping and receiving services.

Fabrication Shop

Our shop is where we prototype, build, test and tech up projects, with clients frequently stopping by to inspect progress and review assets. Whether building with wood, steel, composites or something unique, the fabrication shop team and their many tools are ready for anything.

Partner Network

Over our twenty years in the business, we’ve carefully assembled a network of best-in-class partners around the world - from venues to key vendors to field producers. This unique group of collaborators enable us to execute any project, anywhere, at the highest level.

Do you Feel it?

Do you Feel it?

426 West 14th Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

426 West 14th Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

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