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How does an insurance company with a longstanding reputation for trustworthiness bring stakeholders onboard with a new vision for the future? By immersing them in a world where tradition and innovation live side by side.

Las Vegas
Three Days
Bi-Annual Sales Seminar
300 Top Sales Agents

Anniversary of BMI

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Awards Given Out

Fog Cannons

BMI – a leading health and life insurance company focused on Latin America markets – had been on an innovation journey for several years: refocusing the company around customer-centricity and creating an entire suite of cloud-based tools for its many stakeholders. Now, it was time to roll out the “new BMI” to a key audience: its 300 top sales agents from across Latin America.

We helped BMI re-imagine its bi-annual Sales Seminar as an introduction to the new vision. We developed a theme that spoke to both its heritage and its future: “Innovating Tradition.” And then we pulled that theme through every touchpoint of the three-day gathering in Las Vegas.

From presentations, breakout sessions and keynote speakers that were based around dynamic large-scale content and special effects, to an outing to the out-of-this world Area 15 immersive experience park, to an award show and formal gala that leaned into the future – we built a big wave of excitement among attendees around how BMI was revolutionizing the industry.

To extend that momentum even farther, we also livestreamed the entire seminar to sales agent back in their home countries, with over 2000 people a day tuning in to be part of the excitement

Do you Feel it?

Do you Feel it?

426 West 14th Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

426 West 14th Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014

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